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File:Samuel Webbe's grave, Old St Pancras Churchyard, London.JPG|thumb|Samuel Webbe's grave, Old St Pancras Churchyard, London '''Samuel Webbe''' (1740 – 25 May 1816) was an English composer. Born in Minorca in 1740, Webbe was brought up in London. His father died when he was still a baby and his mother returned to London where she raised Webbe in difficult circumstances. At the age of eleven he was apprenticed to a cabinet maker, and during the first year of his apprenticeship his mother died. Webbe determined to educate himself. He first discovered his aptitude for music when called on to repair the case of a harpsichord. During the course of the repair work he taught himself to play the instrument. Near the end of the job he was overheard playing it. As a result of this incident he turned to the study of music under Carl Barbandt. In 1766, he was given a prize medal by the Catch Club for his "O that I had wings', and in all he obtained twenty-seven...
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